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Sip Conscious Straws was conceived following a question about the necessity of straws – why do we need straws? We don’t need them, but we want them. Whilst the use of straws is not altogether necessary, the reality remains, humans are lazy! We desire a device that transports liquid 20 centimetres from the glass to our mouths. The problem, however, lies in the unethical nature that accompanies single-use plastic straws, due to the ill-effects that it has on the environment – particularly, the oceans that belong not to us, but to those that dwell in them. But yet, we cause destruction through our unnecessary consumption of plastic. Our part, as Sip Conscious is to promote environmentally friendly, reusable straws. After much research, we settled on stainless-steel straws, which are simultaneously environmentally-friendly and trendy!

Sip Conscious Straws provides an eco-friendly alternative to the sin that is plastic straws. Our stainless steel straws are reusable and, believe it or not, extremely hygienic! Aside from playing our part in preserving the environment, we understand the need for restaurants to remain convenient and also trendy. Our straws meets the convenience of the consumer while adding value by providing a hip image to people who use it.

We supply both individual, private customers with straws, which is sold in a cute shweshwe bag or wrap. We also sell bulk orders to restaurants and catering companies who wish to be environmentally conscious as well as add a cool element to their business (for bulk orders contact us). We also do corporate gifting with bespoke orders and bags for companies who wish to gift employees and clients with a conscious and cool product.

Sip Conscious straws is a registered company and a social-enterprise. That is that our goal is to “to achieve social, cultural, community economic and/or environmental outcomes; and, to earn revenue.” So, at the heart of the business is a recognition of a need of society – in this case the environment – that we ant to address in order to create wider consciousness as well as provide solutions for social change.

While we do understand the cynicism around the idea the individual, private change won’t assist; we do remain optimistic that the individual efforts of a few go a huge way as they become ambassadors of the cause which spreads organically and eventually, as we hope, becomes common practice.

So, join us in the fight for environmental conservation by making the switch to stainless steel straws!

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